Supporting local Northern Beaches artists

Harbord Diggers has a long history of supporting live entertainment on the Beaches. Over the recent COVID-19 related closures and restrictions, the arts and entertainment industry have been one of the worst affected.

Mounties Group are focussed on supporting  local live performers and are honoured to bring you Live & Local.

By supporting the local music community you are helping it grow. You will also be discovering original music and the talented people behind the craft.

Local Acts performing at Harbord Diggers every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Live Entertainment | Thursdays from 6pm - 9pm

1st July - Duan & Only 
8th July - Zed Apton
15th July - Michael Kopp
22nd July - Zep Apton

29th July - Nick Norton


Live Entertainment | Fridays from 6pm - 9pm 

25th June - David Taylor

2nd July - The Bayfields
9th July - Steve Tonge
16th July - Tim Conlon
23rd July - Seani Marchetti

30th July - Cyrus Villanueva

Live Entertainment | Saturdays from 12-6pm

26th June - Pete Rave followed by Uncle Jed

3rd July - Barb B followed by Adam Katz
10th July - Steve Crocker followed by Victoria Baillie Duo
17th July - Lucas Farrell followed by Club Sol

24th July - Pete Raven followed by Grace Brown

31st July - Richie Branco followed by Seani Marchetti

DJ's | Saturdays from 6-9pm

26th July - Mike Dotch

3rd July - Alex Mac
10th July - Cam Adams
17th July - Tim Boffa

24th July - Tim Boffa

31st July - Sammy Taylor

Live Entertainment | Sunday from 12pm - 6pm

27th June - Steve Tonge followed by Belmont Duo

4th July - David Taylor followed by The Bayfields
1th July - Ben Bennett followed by Jasmine & Jon
18th July - Angelena Locke followed by Adam Katz
25th July - David Taylor followed by Uncle Jed

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