Move better and live better

With a focus on keeping people active, healthy, and happy, the team at Rebound Health Freshwater provide a range of professional services.

Rebound Health have an innovative approach to diagnosis and treatment, with its experienced team combining technology and advice to ensure our clients are able to live their best life.

The team at Rebound take an active approach to recovery and are delighted to be offering a state-of-the-art treatment and rehabilitation to Harbord Diggers members including:

  • Physiotherapy 
    (Women’s and Pelvic Health, as well as neck and shoulder pain)
    Using a combination of hands on and movement-based techniques to assist in pain management, injury recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Exercise Physiology
    The team of qualified exercise physiologists help to teach and guide you to be able to self-manage and treat yourself to create long lasting changes.
  • Veterans’ Health Classes

At Rebound, successful treatments comes from comprehensive and evidence-based assessment, personalised programming, and a holistic approach to health.

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  (02) 9907 6023

Operating Times

Monday - Friday  |  7am - 6pm
Saturday  |  7am - 1pm

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