Succulent steaks and fresh seafood

Whether you're in the market for a succulent rib eye steak or a tender rack of ribs from the fields of country New South Wales, Teddy Larkin’s Seafood and Steak at Harbord Diggers has something to satisfy those carnivorous cravings.

From paddocks located on the pristine New England Tablelands, all the way to your plate in the Northern Beaches, Teddy Larkin’s source their beef from world class producers, Rangers Valley.

For the Timbs family and their business partners –  Ben and his wife Ash, sourcing the highest quality ingredients from Aussie paddocks and the coast was essential. They created a relaxed menu, full of favourites that everyone around the table can enjoy.  

Tuck into their slow cooked, BBQ based ribs and tasty burgers; locally sourced, fresh seafood and of course their signature cuts including their eye fillet, rib eye and delicious rump steaks.

It’s a local favourite amongst Diggers members, so bookings and numbers are restricted due to COVID19. 



Teddy Larkin’s is offering a Home Delivery service every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the lockdown period.


Delivery is available to the Northern Beaches, North Shore, CBD and Inner West.

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 (02) 8592 4276

Operating Times

HOME DELIVERY | Monday, Wednesday and Friday

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