The iconic Harbord Diggers RSL Sub-Branch, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, has a long and proud history of serving the veterans’ community of Freshwater, spanning as far back to the end of World War 1.

Despite being separate organisations, the Sub-Branch continues to share a special partnership with the Harbord Diggers. Both club share the similar membership objectives.

The Harbord Legion of Ex-Servicemen’s Club, later renamed the 'Harbord Diggers Memorial Club' (The Diggers), was born out of frustration with the RSL movement’s membership rules, which only allowed 'returned veterans' to become full members of the RSL.

Whereas the Diggers was comprised of anyone that had served, including those that served on the 'Homefront' and was based more on community social activities.

In the late '50s both clubs not only shared joint committess but were established with mateship at the core of both organisations.

Today, the Sub Branch upholds the three main objectives:

  • Welfare: Look after the families of local men killed in WW1.
  • Wellbeing: Look after ex-servicemen who needed support.
  • Ceremonial: Remember their service.


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