Diggers have employed eco friendly solutions 

Taking inspiration from the magnificent Northern Beaches coastline, Harbord Diggers is giving back to the place it calls home by initiating sustainable and ecofriendly solutions as part of the clubs’ holistic plan.

We have implemented six simple changes to reduce single-use plastic across the Harbord Diggers precinct which has granted the Diggers recognition as a Surfrider accredited ‘Ocean Friendly Business'.

These sustainable solutions have been put in place so that the community and future generations can enjoy calling this place home.

Venues such as the Diggers, play a very important role in taking the first step toward protecting the environment, which is why actively promote these initiatives.

The Ocean Friendly Criteria


  • No expanded polystyrene foam use (for example Styrofoam)
  • Establishments must not offer or encourage single-use plastic straws
  • Reusable tableware is used for ‘dine in’ and non-plastic utensils for takeaway 
  • Establishments must not use single-use plastic tableware or utensils
  • No water sold in plastic bottles
  • Establishments offer water in glass containers as opposed to plastic bottles
  • No plastic bags offered for takeaway orders
  • Establishments must not offer single use plastic bags
  • Proper recycling practices are followed
  • Establishments provide an easily visible recycling disposal option for customers
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