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Welcome to Beaches Baby!

Where we believe that parenting fundamentally needs a village - you don’t just birth a baby, you birth parents and a family. 

Just starting out? Our fun, fearless Parenting Prep classes include childbirth, lactation and newborn care classes.

We have a range of Parent & Me Classes - Tummy Time, Art / Sensory, French Music and Prenatal and & Mums & Bubs Yoga, Pilates & Meditation classes. 

Our special workshops bring in experts to talk about the stuff that matters to you - from before you are pregnant, Starting Solids, Parenting with Play, Family First Aid and so much more.

Join one of our many support circles - grouped by age and stage of life, you are bound to meet some amazing people in a similar situation. 

Our baby boutique has a seriously cute range of parenting and baby gear is specifically curated to be adorable and useful!

Beaches Baby is a place to connect and we are thrilled to be with you here at Harbord Diggers.

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