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Welcome to Beaches Baby

Where we believe that parenting fundamentally needs a village - you don’t just birth a baby, you birth parents and a family!

Join one of our many support circles - grouped by age and stage of life, you are bound to meet some amazing people in a similar situation.

Just starting out? Our fun, fearless Parenting Prep classes include childbirth, lactation and newborn care classes.

For little ones – check out our process art / sensory, music and movement classes. Grouped by age and ability, these are a blast!

Our special workshops bring in experts to talk about the stuff that matters to you - from before you are pregnant, to when you are trying to decide what to feed your toddler.

Our seriously cute range of parenting and baby gear is specifically curated to be adorable and useful!

Beaches Baby is a place to connect and we are thrilled to have you with us here at Harbord Diggers. Opening 4 August 2019

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