Harbord Diggers was born as a not for profit social enterprise that uses its profit to assist others in the local community in need. It is this ethos of the club that has helped thousands of locals and will continue to help thousands more in the future.

Harbord Diggers is dedicated to continue its love of the local community, supporting the social needs of those less fortunate and maintaining the mateship in which it was born.

The Diggers not only creates a future for our club and the many generations to come, but will keep the light of remembrance and legacy still burning bright at its core.

Over the years, Harbord Diggers has been at the forefront of improving life on the Northern Beaches. We are proud to have:

  • Donated the first CAT Scan machine on the Northern Beaches to Manly Hospital

  • Donated the first ever motorised surf life-saving boat on the Northern Beaches

  • Built the first local fitness centre in a Registered Club, over 50 years ago

  • Established Waves Youth Centre providing entertainment and care to the Community

  • Supported more than 180 local organisations

  • Provided more than $600,000 of in-kind support each year so other community groups can continue to serve our community.

  • Hold annual Christmas Party for Stewart House children and run gift giving donations for Stewart House & Bear Cottage

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