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The Harbord Diggers redevelopment is the result of more than five years of intensive planning and community consultation and will see the club transition into a community precinct, with multiple uses.

Following construction commencing in 2016, Ganellen and the building team have been busy working on bringing the new Harbord Diggers to life.

Here are some key milestones in the progress of the new venue:

November 2015 –   Building works are marked with launch ceremony

April 2016 –             Ganellen commence major building works on site

December 2016 –    Excavators reach the lowest point of the new development

May 2017 –              All excavation is complete for Stage 1

June 2017 –             Building formation commences

November 2017 –    Demolition commences on the eastern end of the site
following the temporary venue closure

To visualise just how far we’ve come in the 18 months from commencement of building in 2016 to November 2017, we invite you to view our amazing time-lapse video, which shows the significant progress made by our hard-working construction crew.

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