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Development Progress

Following what was a wet start to 2017, the cooler months have treated us to some fantastic days of sunshine, allowing our builders to continue with the concreting work and formation of the Watermark Freshwater resident buildings, Explore & Develop Freshwater and the new club and hospitality precinct.

Our builders, Ganellan, currently have approximately 230 workers on site every day which doesn’t include the concrete workers who come and go.

To date, we have made extensive progress of the construction of the Watermark Freshwater buildings with the roofs on Building A, B and C now completed. Following on from this, the pours of the upper grounds have also now been completed for Building D and Building F.

Another exciting milestone in July was the concrete pouring across the entire club level, with the complete upper level to be completed shortly. With the club being carved into the headland and commanding sea views across Curl Curl, the team were very excited to see this part of the development take place!

Other exciting developments have been the addition of two cranes now on site that have increased speed of resources to enter the site.

We are also thrilled that the fit out of the Watermark Freshwater apartments in both the Reynolds and Saunders Buildings have recently commenced.

We very much appreciate the patience of our members, neighbours and the local community while we are under construction and hope you can appreciate the plans we have in place to safely and effectively bring the new Harbord Diggers to life.


To get a better idea of just how far we’ve come in 12 short months, we invite you to check out our amazing time-lapse video, which shows the significant progress made by our hard-working construction crew.

View the New Harbord Diggers Time Lapse Video


Over the coming months, onlookers will see more exciting changes taking place – we can’t wait to keep you updated throughout the year as we work toward the completion of Stage 1 building works.

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