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After careful consideration of all factors, this decision was made to ensure delivery of the new club in 2018 with minimal impact to our community. Closure from 1 November 2017 will allow us to mitigate construction impact such as noise, dust and vibration expected from stage 2 demolition and excavation. 

Unfortunately we lost 60 construction days as a result of inclement weather between January and May this year, which set back the project timeline for stage 1 work considerably. 

The temporary closure will require the current club to be closed including Diggers Diner, Dig Inn and rooftop restaurant and bar Gio.

The club will trade as usual during and up until close of business on Tuesday 31 October.  We will also continue our monthly special events and promotions at Harbord Diggers for the enjoyment of our members and guests until 31 October.

Our current program will have the club open for Anzac Day 2018. Any delays / extensions of time will delay the opening beyond this date.

The builder has been granted an extension of hours for work inside the building (only). There has been no extension of hours for work outside the building.

This is yet to be confirmed. As the demolition work is expected to occur on the current club venue during the closure period, it is expected that the carpark area will be required for machinery and would therefore form part of the construction site area.

We have advised arrangement to sub club representatives. Members should contact their sub club representatives to obtain information about their sub club during the closure.

Mounties membership applies to all of its club venues. Most likely your nearest, will be Manly Bowling Club. You can still access all your membership benefits, including the Club Rewards Program at Manly Bowling Club. Your club rewards points balance will be preserved until the new Harbord Diggers opens.

Yes. If your current card displays the Rewards Club logo in the top-right corner, then you will be able to access the discounts during the closure. 

We are exploring a number of options to accommodate permanent and permanent part time staff during closure, and casual staff where possible. We will be consulting with them throughout the process.

The childcare centre that is part of the new Harbord Diggers precinct and stage 1 of the project is currently on track for an opening in 2018. We expect the centre to open its doors at a similar time to the club in 2018, if not before. A waitlist is currently being taken for places at Explore & Develop Freshwater in 2018.

No, the temporary fitness facility at Gfitness Freshwater on Oliver Street will trade throughout the closure as usual.


a) They will be able to move into their new home sooner, and

b) Demolition (of the old building) and excavation will be completed before they move in.

Harbord Diggers will keep in constant communication with members and the local community about the redevelopment progress via a range of channels including our website, email, Facebook and Instagram pages.

We have no plans in place to relocate the current 115 gaming machines from Harbord Diggers to Manly Bowling Club.

Members or groups who have booked special events at Harbord Diggers during this period are being individually contacted to discuss alternative arrangements.

We will not be looking to make any new partnerships with local venues. Members of Mounties Group/Harbord Diggers are welcome to use their membership card and receive the usual discounts when visiting Manly Bowling Club. Members also receive reciprocal rights at the other five Mounties Group clubs based in Western Sydney.

We will continue to participate in the ClubGRANTS scheme although the temporary closure will reduce our liability under scheme. We will continue to assess and fund community projects on merit and we will continue to fund sponsorship programs in accordance with the arrangements that are in place.

All current members who have Harbord Diggers as their club of origin, will receive a 12-month extension on their Mounties Group membership to offset the disadvantage they will occur as a result of the temporary closure of Harbord Diggers. All Club Rewards benefits and rewards will continue to be available at all of the six other Mounties Group clubs including Manly Bowling Club. Benefits include special member pricing, pay by points discounts, points accruals, birthday points, promotions, BPay payments.

Mounties Group membership applies to all of its club venues. Most likely your nearest, will be Manly Bowling Club. You can still access all your membership benefits, including the Club Rewards Program at Manly Bowling Club. Additionally, Rewards Club discounts are still available at over 200 local outlets, as indicated in our Membership Brochure.

We will continue to operate our courtesy bus for members wishing to attend Manly Bowling Club, within a 5 kilometre radius of Harbord Diggers and Manly Bowling Club.

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